• The Grill Pit Barnsley

    The Grill Pit Barnsley

    Yorkshire Grill

    Mon-Fri 5pm – 9:45pm* // Sat 12pm – 9:45pm* // Sunday 12pm-7:30pm*
    *Last Orders – we’ll remain open until you’re full!

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  • The Grill Pit Barnsley

    The Grill Pit Barnsley

    Proper Food!

    From amazing starters, to delicious mains – there’s something for everybody.
    If you’re spoilt for choice, we’ve got combos just for you as well.

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  • The Grill Pit Barnsley

    The Grill Pit Barnsley

    Nice Atmosphere.

    There really is no atmosphere like it in Barnsley…
    Come and check it out for yourselves.

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  • The Grill Pit Barnsley

    The Grill Pit Barnsley

    Have a butchers!

    Have you seen our food yet? What about inside The Grill Pit?
    Have a butchers at our gallery, you might see something you like.

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  • The Grill Pit Barnsley

    The Grill Pit Barnsley

    Got what it takes?

    You’ve heard about our Man V Food Challenges right?
    Loads of food, little time, often with a twist. You don’t wanna miss this.

    Bring It On
Welcome to The Grill Pit, Barnsley. Here at The Grill Pit we provide honest, home cooked produce. We aren't your typical American Bar and Grill - no - we stick to our good old Yorkshire roots, bringing you northern hospitality and proper food! There's no place like it in Barnsley - that's for sure.

On our menu you will find a vast range of food ranging from classic burgers and steaks to something a little different like our home-marinated skewers and pulled pork sandwiches and flatbreads. We grill as much food as possible here at The Grill Pit which ultimately leads to healthier versions of your favourite foods.

We are constantly looking to develop our menu and we have recently released a new menu containing two new sections, which are hot dogs and our grill pit combo - a section which brings together all your favourite meats for you to enjoy, brought in by popular demand.

Something that really does make us individual in Barnsley, is our Man vs Food challenges. Come on down and test your strength against our challenges. Ranging from our infamous holy cow challenge, a 5lb burger with all the trimmings, to our incinerator challenges, a challenge made with sauce from the devil himself, you are sure to stretch your eating ability to the max. Make sure to see our Man Vs Food section for more details.